About Us

Our Mission

NativeFusion understands the importance of providing exceptional services to our clients.  Our mission is to continuously improve the quality of our work while providing quality products safely, on time, and within budget.  

NativeFusion also understands that the  design/construction industry is becoming more and more specialized due to increased technology and regulations.  Our staff of experts sustains collectively over thirty years of experience in the Industry.  

One of  NativeFusion’s main goals is to strengthen Indian Country by building a  qualified team of Native experts performing services in the Tribal,  Federal, and Commercial Spaces. 

Our Values


NativeFusion believes that any solid relationship is built on honesty and trust.  That is the relationship we wish to hold with our clients and associates.   

NativeFusion believes that morals and ethics are important in any situation.  We believe that reputations are critical to building fundamental values and relationships.  We respect our client’s needs and aim to provide true and honest services.   

NativeFusion believes that we are  solution providers.  We honor the opportunities given to us as we understand that you, as the client, are  entrusting us to provide you with a quality project within your budget.    

Dynamic Culture   
NativeFusion's culture is very Dynamic as we are 100% Native Owned and Managed.  We strive to create job opportunities and relationships with other skilled and qualified individuals while implementing Native American preferences.   

NativeFusion believes that Passion  is what drives people to the next level of commitment.  We believe that in giving people the opportunity to be a part of something greater than limited involvement, they will show more ownership and care for their work done.  We are grateful for all opportunities given to us and we treat all things as sacred as we would our own. 

Our Vision


Our vision is to provide successful projects through collaborative efforts as one team.  NativeFusion's staff has had the ability to serve in the three roles of Owner’s Reps, designers in A/E firms, and contractors in construction. 

We truly believe it takes dedication and commitment from all parties to provide a successful project.  Our objective is to fuse the knowledge of the three roles together to create a single unifying  approach to our client to ensure success.   

Our Introduction